Domain Purchase and Forwarding

Example of What to Put in Fields

  • Paypal

    Yes, I accept PayPal for the Genesis Product payments. Please call/text me for PayPal instructions – 763-213-5361

  • Bank Details

    Enter your banking information including: routing number, account number, branch phone number and address. You will also need the banks wire transfer SWIFT code. Call you bank for details.

  • Bitcoin

    Please send the desired amount to my Bitcoin wallet. Here is my wallet address – 3Cf5VHVCvWRyMi5UvB4Eupbv4Apfr3PzgJ

  • Payeezy

    Coming Soon!

  • Other

    Walmart to Walmart Money-gram:
    Receiver Info Needed:
    Dan Froelke Blaine, MN 55449 763-213-5361
    *Please text me reference #

    Merchant Account info: Please go to:

    Zelle Pay – I accept Zelle Pay, please contact me for details – 763-213-5361

Here's Another Way to Collect Payments

What is Zelle Pay?