Dan's Mega Swipe File

Never again get stuck on what to say! Grab my secret weapon when it comes to writing capture pages, sales pages, emails, blog post headers and solo ads!

Hey...it's Dan!

As of this day forward, you will no longer be at a loss for words again!

In our business it's extremely important to put together words, headlines and ad copy that will connect with people and propel your marketing the next level.

Hiring a professional copywriter can be costly....I know. I've literally spent thousands of dollars on a single 1000 word sales letter for one of my income streams. Unless you have deep pockets, it's very hard for the average marketer to fork out that kind of money when you're on a shoe-string budget.

I also know the frustration of not knowing what do say when crafting an email, Facebook post, capture page or sales letter. So, I have compiled an enormous swipe file for you that will no doubt skyrocket your sales while at the same time minimizing your efforts! And it's yours ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Never Be At a Loss For Words Again

Dan's Mega Swipe File contains 3,306 PIECES of copy that you can steal to make your business easier and more profitable. Now you can legally steal the very words that million dollar copywriters use to create cash on demand!

Over 3,300 pieces of swipe copy ready
for you to steal...ABSOLUTELY FREE!

  • Headlines - 365

  • Sub-headlines - 262

  • Hypnotic Openers - 283

  • High Converting Bullet Points - 192

  • Persuasive Guarantees - 100

  • Benefits (what's in it for me?) - 102

  • Bonuses - 100

  • Call to Action Closers - 100

  • The Moment of Decision (finishers) - 100

  • Powerful Post Scripts (P.S.) - 252

  • Comparisons - 100

  • Article Tittles - 365

  • Blog Post Subject Lines - 195

  • Email Subject Lines - 100

  • Follow-ups and Follow Throughs - 105

  • Personal Branding Lines - 104

  • Getting an Idea Acrros Swipes - 100

  • Social Media Attention Lines - 145

  • News Paper Ad Swipes - 136

  • Engaging Question Lines - 100

Files are zipped in RAR format.  You must have extractor software to open them. There are many free version online.
Here's one that I recommend.